The holidays are here and with them comes the season of giving. Everyone is hustling and bustling to get the perfect gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. Whether it’s from a brick-and-mortar shop or from an online store, just about everyone takes part in the holiday gift buying each December. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a fair share of Bitcoins or any of the other dozens of cryptocurrencies, then you finally have the opportunity to spend them on presents for those you care for this holiday season. More and more companies and businesses are accepting the digital currency as a legitimate means of purchasing objects and products. In this blog, Peak Digital Prospecting, the best cryptocurrency mining hosting company, will go over a few things you can use your cryptocurrency to buy this holiday.

1 – Video Games, Movies, & Appsturned-on laptop

If you have a gamer or avid movie fan on your shopping list and you have some Bitcoins burning a hole in your digital pocket, then finding a gift has just become easier. Microsoft, the computer and technology giant, accepts the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the Windows and Xbox online stores. There are a few downsides to this however, as you have to transfer your Bitcoins to your account and the transfers aren’t refundable. But if there’s a hardcore gamer, movie buff, or cutting-edge app user in your family, then this is truly one of the easiest purchases you’ll be able to make this holiday season. Plus, Microsoft makes it easy to transfer credits with a streamlined system.

2 – Jewelry

Looking for some fine jewelry this holiday season and want to use your cryptocurrency to buy it? Then you’re in luck because the fine people over at Reeds Jewelers, Inc. have you covered. Reeds has several stores all around the United States and a great online store where you can preview, customize, and purchase your order. But the best part about this American jeweler is that you can use cryptocurrency to pay for your jewelry both in store and online. Whether your loved one wants jewelry, a watch, or loose diamonds, the expert jewelers at Reeds Jewelers will have what you’re looking for. And now you’ll be able to pay in even more ways with your prefered cryptocurrency.

3 – Pizza

Ever been to a holiday party that ran out food and fun just a few moments after it started? Accidentally burn that special holiday meal for your loved ones? Well great news because now you can buy glorious pizza with your hard earned cryptocurrencies. PizzaForCoins is a new digital company that allows you to purchase pizza online from just about anywhere. When the app verifies your location, choose your pizza and get ready to feast during the holidays. The app includes a small service fee at the end of your order, but PizzaForCoins accepts 45 different forms of cryptocurrency, making them one of the only companies to accept that many different kinds of online currencies.

4 – Gadgets

Have a tech junkie you’re shopping for this year and having a hard time finding something for them? The electronic retail giants at Newegg have what you need and then some! Shop their online collection of electronics and gadgets galore to find exactly what you need for the techie on your list, then conveniently pay with their online cryptocurrency option. There are a few products that you won’t be able to purchase with cryptocurrency however, so if you’re looking to buy something from the online tech store, make sure you do a little research first before getting your holiday dreams dashed.

5 – Just About Anything

If there hasn’t been anything on this list that’s helped you scratch a few names off of your shopping to-do queue, then this one will surely get the job done. Way back in the year 2014, one of the biggest online retail stores began accepting Bitcoin as a viable purchasing option. Four years later, has evolved to accept all major forms of cryptocurrency, such as Litecoin and Ethereum. The online company has products like the newest pieces of technology, complete furniture sets, jewelry, sporting equipment, and much more! At Overstock, you’ll be able to find everything and everything on your shopping list, and now you’ll be able to pay for it with your favorite cryptocurrency, all from the comfort of your home or office.

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